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“Edit-bots?” The PR Game Has Changed

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

This post originally appeared on “May the Schwartz Be With You,” the official blog of Schwartz Media Strategies, on December 3rd, 2009.

by Julia Wakefield

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The public relations business and the strategies we use to achieve success are changing rapidly in an age of constantly-evolving technology.  In yet another example of how the game is changing, (a news site covering the “economics of content”) reports that AOL is replacing its news editors with robots.

That is,

“rather than just rely on editors and journalists deciding on what kinds of stories to run, AOL will employ a system that relies on a series of algorithms that will predict the kinds of stories, videos and photos that have the greatest appeal to audiences and advertisers.”

Further, AOL is developing a site called to coordinate article assignments for the 3,000 freelancers it employs.

“The new system will also help determine how much freelancers get paid, as it predicts how much marketers might pay to advertise on a particular article.”

The edit-bots will also screen for grammar and spelling mistakes – even plagiarism.

What does this bode for public relations professionals like us here at Schwartz Media?

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