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New Year resolutions; but first, some Old Year hindsight

Yup, it’s that time of year.… the  last dull dredges of 2010, when we spin fantastical plans for the still-untouched 2011. I’ve got my own goals – some fantastic, some realistic, some dull and some energizing. But before I dive in headfirst, I’d like to apply some 20/20 hindsight to 2010 and share six things I learned this year.

  • How to make gravy. Real Thanksgiving-turkey-fat-gravy, under the tutelage of an endless source of wisdom. No, not Google. I mean Mom. She taught me that there is a lot of stirring and even more guesswork. Also, do not manhandle the flour.
  • Expensive sunglasses have both an independent streak and a short attention span. They will wander off at will towards greener pastures – usually eight to ten days after their purchase date. This year, I learned to buy two pairs of cheap-o sunglasses instead (two, just in case one breaks). They have both remained in mint condition for many months with no hint of a runaway in the makings. (Much like cheap ballpoint pens never run out of ink or get lost – even reproducing at times, somehow, as my smallish pen holder can attest to – while slightly-more-expensive gel pens disappear overnight.)
  • Pilates. I started taking classes and, once I had the hang of it, really enjoyed it. It was relaxing, fun, improved my flexibility, and enhanced my posture impressively. (Not to mention it forced me out of the office by 6:45 on Tuesdays.)
  • Pilates. It is not saving any money if you stop taking classes and buy all the equipment so you can do it at home… and then never ever do it at home. Lesson learned: pony up the moolah, make the time, and go to the darn class. (But if you do man up and do it at home, check out the Youtube videos from blogilates. They are great and ten minutes a pop, so you can mix and match yourself up a workout.)
  • Do not let him touch that car. The guy who stops on the side of the road to help you when your car dies does not know how to fix it, despite being handsome and charming. Do not let him touch it. He will make it worse and also lose a cap to an important valve of some kind so that gasoline sprays out if you so much as look at it. Your mechanic will be disappointed in you.
  • It is time to take the “Ron Paul for President 2008” bumper sticker off of your car. In 2008, it’s a statement, buys your guy some free publicity, and is conducive to getting honked at on the freeway. In 2009, it shows your dedication to the cause no matter how doomed. In 2010, it is no longer topical and your bumper space is better dedicated to a more current cause. In 2011, it is laziness and there’s no excuse for leaving it on there. (Unless you are planning on giving your car to your politically-opposite-minded little brother. In that case, belt out a HA!)

What did you learn this year?

  1. February 9, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    I gave up on spending extra money on expensive pairs of RX Oakley sunglasses and instead got the changing tint ones in my regular specs instead.

    • juliakwakefield
      February 9, 2011 at 7:24 pm

      That’s brilliant. My only problem is I wear contacts 97% of the time. Therefore, I’m constantly chasing after sunglasses that don’t seem to love me the way I love them.

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