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You hold your pen funny.

Yes, I said that to someone. In my own defense, he wrote by grasping his pen in a quite unusual manner. But it really wasn’t his fault.

As it turns out, his second-grade teacher just so happened to be both in her very last year of teaching and in a mild feud with the principal. Therefore, she taught each one of her students to write by clutching the pen between their middle and ring fingers, with the resulting appearance of a hapless, naked sapling struggling to sprout from a furrowed field.

Today, there are thirty twenty-nine-year-olds who roam the earth holding their pens with the same bizarre – but admittedly functional – gesture. No lasting harm has been done by the legendarily passive-agressive teacher, except that her grown students are subject to an occasional rude comment about how they hold their pens funny. (It’s not just me. I swear someone else said the same thing two days later.)

Yes, no lasting harm – although this particular educator also managed to entirely omit subtraction from her curriculum that year. All her students went to third grade not knowing how to subtract.

The value of home-schooling is beginning to dawn on me.

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