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Spamtastic irony

What’s the best spam you’ve ever received?

Mine is an invitation to a free webinar on how to evade spam filters. And I’m blogging about it because I just can’t keep this kind of thing to myself; elegant cases of irony belong to the world.

I’ve left the identifying information intact (but I’ve disabled the links) as I grudgingly have to give this Craig Stouffer fellow props. And bonus points for chutzpah. The guy deserves a bit o’ free publicity, as apparently he does know what he’s doing.

(My initial reaction was #fail… but now that I think about it… #win, Craig, #win.)

Simply put, if you don’t understand how current SPAM Filters work, you simply can’t design for

effective email deliverability.  I’m dropping you a final invite to join us this Wednesday / Thursday

for a *free* Webinar: Understanding SPAM Filters. We’ll follow the path of an email from send to

delivery and explain how current SPAM filters can stop your email in its tracks. Details…

This 45 minute interactive event will cover several tips to help The Weinbach Group, Inc.

improve email response rates.  Topics include:

* How current generation, networked email filters work
* Email authentication: How DKIM and SPF impact delivery
* Tech tips to improve email deliverability

Session #1: Wednesday September 30th
WHAT: Writing Tips to Improve Response Rates
WHEN: Wednesday September 30th at 1:00pm (Eastern) / 10:00am (Pacific)
WHERE: Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/528582874

Session #2: Thursday October 1st
WHAT: Writing Tips to Improve Response Rates
WHEN: Thursday October 1st at 1:00pm (Eastern) / 10:00am (Pacific)
WHERE: Register here: http://www.netprospex.com/webinaroctober1

Not sure you can attend? Sign up – we’ll send the slide deck and on-demand webinar.

As an attendee, The Weinbach Group, Inc. can take advantage of the following-

  • Free NetProspex account. Select 100 target sales prospects.
  • “Recycle” business contacts and get free contacts in exchange.
  • Free Pinpointe email account w/2,000 email credits. Reach new prospects with Pinpointe’s email marketing platform and your Netprospex leads.

All the best,

Craig Stouffer
4601 Lafayette
Santa Clara, CA 95056-4428
408-834-7577 x125

PS: TopTen Reviews ranks Pinpointe as one of the all-time top email marketing platforms! -read the review here

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